The Colour of Canadian Values

Candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party are once again competing in the area of identity politics. In a move with similarities to Trump’s vetting of immigrants, one leadership contestant called for the screening of immigrants for “anti-Canadian” values. Mercifully, there are now multiple voices from Conservatives that are calling out these attempts as dangerous. Tellingly, though, the primary concern for some on the

Interned Italian Canadians left deep holes in communities they were forced to leave behind

It started off with a post that appeared on my Facebook timeline. A friend, who is part Italian, posted a story from the North Bay Nugget. I normally would have let the story pass, but, for whatever reasons, I read this one and it was about the City of North Bay dedicating a plaque to The Empire Hotel, "considered the social and business hub of North

What Has Humanity Learned From Auschwitz And Dachau?

Wael Haddara: What Has Humanity Learned From Auschwitz And Dachau? PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN BY WAEL HADDARA DURING A VISIT OF DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP Many experiences change who you are and how you view the world. Yesterday Prime Minister Trudeau visited Auschwitz-Birkenau and shared a written reflection in the book of remembrance on the importance of not forgetting the dark moments of history. “Today we

The high cost of repression and incompetence

My opinion piece at “Egypt’s government endures, but at what cost?” I review a number of mini-crises that the military government of AbdelFattah Sisi has experienced recently, including a very concerning wheat supply crisis that has yet to be resolved. I argue that these crises are indicative of either extreme lack of coordination across the Egyptian bureaucracy or, more dangerously, signs of a low-level

My reflections on Egypt, five years after the Revolution

Please read at essay on Middle East Eye. Introspection - in the West and in Egypt - over the failure to achieve the goals of 2011 is preferable to blaming others Five years have passed since that glorious day in January 2011 when Egyptians found their voice and spilled out onto the streets to reclaim their country. I firmly believe that the events of the past

There is no going back for Egypt

Many in Egypt reject military rule and continue to struggle for freedom and justice, three years after the revolution. Violence has not deterred the January 25 youth [AP Photo/Ahmed Abd El Latif, El Shorouk Newspaper]   The use of force alone is but temporary. It may subdue for a moment, but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again; and a nation is not

My interview for PBS Frontline September 17, 2013

Wael Haddara was a senior campaign adviser to former President Mohammed Morsi. A Morsi ally who was not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Haddara admits that the group made mistakes, but says it nevertheless tried hard to govern. This is the edited transcript of an interview conducted on Aug. 23, 2013 in New York. [question]Let’s begin with the Jan. 25, [2011], revolution. The

London doctor Wael Haddara worked as advisor to deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi

Original Article in the London Free Press London doctor Wael Haddara worked as advisor to deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi He’s always led an extraordinary life. He started university at 14. He helped to develop a patent for a gene therapy device at 20. Now, Dr. Wael Haddara, an intensive-care physician, is packing an iPhone filled with personal pictures of heads of state and political

Egypt’s military chief accused of declaring ‘civil war’ against Muslim Brotherhood

(Article Republished from The Telegraph) General Abdulfattah al-Sisi, who removed Mr Morsi from power in a coup backed by the president’s secular and liberal opponents, urged Egyptians to turn out on Friday to give him a “mandate” to quell violence at recent anti-government protests. “On Friday, every honourable and honest Egyptian must come out,” he said during a speech at a graduation ceremony for military cadets

Egypt Public Opinion Poll April 2013

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) conducts regular polls regarding the Egyptian domestic scene. The latest iteration of the poll was published April 7, 2013. Methodology The poll was conducted by phone, using a combination of landlines and mobiles. Response rate: 73%; sample size 2202; estimated margin of error 3% Poll was conducted on 27th and 28th March, 2013 (9 months into President

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