We can’t let complacency kill Canada’s beauty

Ours is a beautiful country. This may seem an odd thing to say given that we’ve just experienced one of Canada’s worst mass shootings. But it is true. We are a stoic lot, we Canadians. But when tragedy strikes, there is an outpouring of solidarity that is life-affirming. And so it was on Monday, not only in London, but across the country. On Sunday night,

Food waste unjust, environmental disaster

The holiday season has passed and, almost certainly, a considerable amount of food has been thrown into the garbage. Food waste is a serious challenge in the developed world. While some suffer from food insecurity, estimates are that up to 33 per cent of food supply is wasted globally. In Canada, that number is closer to 50 per cent, and more than half of such

Troubling views of women found close to home, too

Warning: Many readers will find the content disturbing. http://www.lfpress.com/2016/12/09/troubling-views-of-women-found-close-to-home-too This column was published in the London Free Press on Saturday 10 December 2016.   The past few months have been a whirlwind in the U.S. with the presidential campaign and the election of Donald Trump. But let’s not pat ourselves too firmly on the back. Many of us in Canada watched Trump vs. Clinton with

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Rabi’ Al-Awwal is the month in which the Prophet peace be upon him was born, and the month in which he made the migration to Madina. There is a misconception that the migration of the Prophet peace be upon him took place in Muharram, since that is the first month of the Hijri calendar. However, most authorities agree that the Hijra was in the month

The greatest threat to democracy? The myth that it is inevitable

Until recently, the proposition that democracy was vulnerable even in countries where it has been long established would have been met with derision. But what a difference a few months can make. In the United States, we are witnessing the rise of what can only be described as fascism in the presidential elections. After months of refusing to contemplate a Trump candidacy, the party of

Where Islam “Begins” and “Ends”

More on this theme of where Islam “begins” and “ends”. Al-Nawawi and other scholars have written that this Hadith enters into almost all actions and various scholars have elected to insert it at the beginning of their works. And so, quite appropriately, this is the point of departure in Islam: the most essential aspect of our being is what we intend in our hearts, not

The Colour of Canadian Values

Candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party are once again competing in the area of identity politics. In a move with similarities to Trump’s vetting of immigrants, one leadership contestant called for the screening of immigrants for “anti-Canadian” values. Mercifully, there are now multiple voices from Conservatives that are calling out these attempts as dangerous. Tellingly, though, the primary concern for some on the

Interned Italian Canadians left deep holes in communities they were forced to leave behind

It started off with a post that appeared on my Facebook timeline. A friend, who is part Italian, posted a story from the North Bay Nugget. I normally would have let the story pass, but, for whatever reasons, I read this one and it was about the City of North Bay dedicating a plaque to The Empire Hotel, "considered the social and business hub of North

Is ‪#‎Violence‬ Ever Part Of A Solution?  My take on ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬

Wael Haddara voilence is never an option Between people who care about each other - or ought to - violence is never the answer to grievances; but rather a part of the problem and a dangerous one at that. If violence fails to stem the tide of grievances there will always be those who argue that it has failed because it was not

What Has Humanity Learned From Auschwitz And Dachau?

Wael Haddara: What Has Humanity Learned From Auschwitz And Dachau? PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN BY WAEL HADDARA DURING A VISIT OF DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP Many experiences change who you are and how you view the world. Yesterday Prime Minister Trudeau visited Auschwitz-Birkenau and shared a written reflection in the book of remembrance on the importance of not forgetting the dark moments of history. “Today we

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