God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Rabi’ Al-Awwal is the month in which the Prophet peace be upon him was born, and the month in which he made the migration to Madina. There is a misconception that the migration of the Prophet peace be upon him took place in Muharram, since that is the first month of the Hijri calendar. However, most authorities agree that the Hijra was in the month

Where Islam “Begins” and “Ends”

More on this theme of where Islam “begins” and “ends”. Al-Nawawi and other scholars have written that this Hadith enters into almost all actions and various scholars have elected to insert it at the beginning of their works. And so, quite appropriately, this is the point of departure in Islam: the most essential aspect of our being is what we intend in our hearts, not

Priorities of the Islamic Movements and the Arab Spring

2011 has been a remarkable year. For far too long, the Arab world seemed immune to the changes sweeping the rest of the world. This year, finally, the peoples of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt managed to throw off the yokes of oppressive regimes. For those in other countries, the struggle continues. The “Arab Spring” also showed that, despite years of suppression and oppression, these countries

Gender Issues in the Muslim Community

Gender relations and roles are a constant focus of discussion and debate within the Muslim community. Occasionally, and increasingly, the debates are degenerating into conflicts. Although I believe, the community is maturing and my fervent hope is that the conflictual period in gender relations within the community is cresting, part of me feels this hope is just that – hope. It is important to realize

Calgary EMAAN 2011 – Educational Muslim Awards Achievement Night

I was honoured to be the keynote speaker at Calgary’s EMAAN 2011 (http://www.emaan.mac-cc.ca/). It was great to see the talent in the Calgary Muslim community at all levels. I was particularly impressed by the valedictorians – at both the public and high school levels as well the university. My own address was on the theme of the evening – Making A Difference. In brief, I

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