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January 2017

What Is Piety?

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We will consider hadith 5 and hadith 6 together. Hadith 5 is very brief – an example of the eloquence of the Prophet peace be upon him and his ability to be brief but profound.

December 2016

All learning is not created equal

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In the last post, I wrote about hadiths #2 and #3 – that Islam is built on a statement of belief, a set of physical rituals, authentic beliefs and sincerity in orienting oneself to God.

What Is Islam

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Our next hadiths to consider are hadith #3 and #4 together. It’s probably important to note at this point that I’m not attempting any level of comprehensive treatment of these ahadith. Rather, my objective is

November 2016

Where Islam “Begins” and “Ends”

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More on this theme of where Islam “begins” and “ends”. Al-Nawawi and other scholars have written that this Hadith enters into almost all actions and various scholars have elected to insert it at the beginning


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In the last post, I introduced the Forty Nawawi Hadith Collection as a way to understand Islam in a holistic way. The inspiration for Al-Nawawi to compile these ahadith (42 in total) was a Prophetic

September 2016

Intro: Authentic and Holistic

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One of my favourite books on Islam is the collection of forty hadiths (Prophetic sayings) by Imam al-Nawawi, the so-called Forty Nawawi Hadiths. I like the collection for two main reasons and a host of